AQHA Members Portal
- User Dashboard

The new digital experience of the AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) Members Portal had recently launched and we could start with the second phase of the engagement: User Dashboard.
The new section followed the recently created style guide and patterns, and we designed new widgets with all relevant and available user information.


A completely new online membership information, record library, and transactional portal for AQHA members.

Technical requirements

Built on Liferay Portal only for Desktop.

1. Define user profiles

Based on the previous user research and the information that would be available on the portal, we created four different user profiles.
Each profile would be able to access relevant information related to them. An AQHA Member can be a mix of these profiles, that’s why we designed a user flow with a “super-user” in mind, to adjust to a reduced timeline.

Key member segments


Basic membership profile, they are not necessarily the owner of a horse or a participant of events.


Member with at least one horse registered under its name; they should be able to keep an inventory of registered horses, sign up horses to an event, and receive reports of their performance.


Members whose main job is to breed, raise, and sell horses; they need to keep track of their performance even after they have transferred ownership.


These Members participate mainly in events that showcase different skills of a horse; they need to be able to keep track of shows, points earned, leveling, and awards.


Members that are actively participating in horse racing; they need to access racing calendars, leadership boards, money earned, and awards.

2. Wireframe

Following the established pattern for the AQHA portal, we created a basic wireframe that the front-end team could follow to develop a flexible template for all profiles.
Each section would be feed with some standard data and the user’s information according to their profile.

Master template

3. Mockups

The final design is a modular concept where each page will transform according to the user’s profile. These pages will be able to evolve in time as more services are available on the portal.

My Account
My Horses
My Activities